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 How to Copy Music from Online DataBase

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PostSubject: How to Copy Music from Online DataBase   Tue Nov 17, 2009 7:21 pm

How to Copy Music from Online DataBase

For many years we have to go to sma**** or and many more websites to listen to music, we think why can't we download to our HD and listen them as when we want to. well the answer is very simple this is how they make their $$$$$, if they let U download then you won't return to their web site untill your next need for new music .well my newbie friendz and those who didn't know the trick, today i'll revel the secrets.

1). Download a software called URLHelper, just search in google and you'll get hit

2).install and run the software, at trial screen click "use evaluation", then you get to main screen.

3). on top left side of the screen you'll see a "select adapter" icon click it

4). now select the adapter that u use to access the web. EX:hayes56kbps modem, ect.

5). click "sniff the network"

6). open web browser and go to your favourite music website that let u listen music like sma****

7). play your selected music once it starts playing switch back to URLHelper and you'll c a source or i mean location of the file where the stream has originated.

.right click the link and click download immediately

9).insome cases they placed filter on file so you will not see a link with *.wma or *.ra extension , but a *.dll link, just download the *.dll and rename its *.dll to *.wma
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How to Copy Music from Online DataBase
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